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A match to define a generation.

Changing the landscape of the Diva wrestling forever.


A match to define a generation.So as I sit in my chair, drinking morning coffee and waiting for the Extreme Rules event tonight. I fliped on the WWE Network for only $9.99! I catch up on the latest NXT, it starts out strong with Balor in a quick match. Finn Balor has star written all over him; but probably not much more than a great IC title holder one day, probably one of the greatest IC Champs of all time once he does. Maybe he is the one to carry the title with the prestige it deserves.

Kevin Owens cut a promo, pretty good. I think I will become a huge fan of this cat. The best part is, he can go in the ring! I would love to see him and Luke Harper tear down the house!

Then one of the most thought provoking thoughts came to mind as Charlotte Flairs music hit, she let out a WHOOOOO worthy of her father the Nature Boy himself. The crowd was sold, they have bought in to her in a big way. Then it hits me; it hits me…