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Seth Rollins out of action 6 to 9 months.

Breaking news indicates that WWE Champion Seth Rollins will be out 6 to 9 months. The injury is an ACL type tear.+WWE will hold a tournament at the annual Survivor Series. This will crown the new Heavyweight Champion. We wish Seth Rollins a speedy recovery. So now let the speculation begin on whom will hold the gold next. With John Cena out for the next month this injury may have come at the worst time.Who will leave Survivor Series as WWE Champ? Lets hear your thoughts below in the comments.-DC

5 reasons New Day Rocks & why them and the WWE has hit a HomeRun!

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As everyone should be well aware, I am a huge fan of the New Day. So 5 things you should know today, is all about the New Day yes it is! So don't be sour and feel the power, clap away all negativity and feel the  5 things that are great about the New Day!

#5. The trombone: This was a bit iffy for me, Xavier comes out lugging this large instrument around and my first reaction was to cringe. Then he belted out Zelda and Final Fantasy, then he would give the long slide sounds along with all the action. The Trombone won the hearts of the +WWE Universe.

#4. The uniforms & track suits. Their gear is very Power Ranger meets Voltron. They are basically right out of a great 80's and 90's cartoon! They match though, this is something I don't think teams understand anymore. Your outfits have to match to be taken as a long term credible team.

#3. Kofi Kingston makes a really good heal. When this first went down I know Woo…

Booking Rusev now that his and Lana's engagement is public.

Booking Rusev now that his and Lana's engagement is public.

When Rusev first entered the WWE he was an unstoppable force that dominated the roster. Hitting his stride going into Wrestlemania and his feud with John Cena. He was booked flawlessly, and his matches with Cena were some of the best stuff on TV night in and night out. All the time with Lana at his side.
Rusev would go on to loose the feud with Cena and start his program with Dolph Ziggler, this showed tons of potential as two of the best workers in the company were set to battle it out. Lana was over, the crowd and the we want Lana chants were tremendous, however they slowly faded as Lana and Rusev would break up. This caused both to loose the traction that they once had, and I think it was more harmful to Lana than to Rusev.
As fate would have it the feud with Ziggler never got to materialize into a mixed tag match that would feature Rusev and Summer Rae vs Lana and Ziggler. With Lana on the shelf this feud became very lop…

Body Slams for Cancer

Hello PowerBomb Nation and welcome, thank you for taking the time to read this very important article, as well as watching this very important video below. As many of you know this subject is very near and dear to me.
Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling & Academy presents Body Slams for Cancer

Friday October the 9th 2015 Yarborough Leisure Centre, Lincoln Doors open : 6:30 pm First Bell: 7:15 pm
In the UK alone there are over 300,000 cases of cancer; 50% survive and the people of the Lincoln Fight Factory Wrestling are convinced that is no where near good enough.

In 2014 he lost his mother to cancer. That year one wrestler decided to take the fight to cancer and thus Body Slams to Cancer was born!

In honor of Dee Mansell Body Slams to Cancer was born, and a trophy was battled for in her honor. This same trophy will be defended in her honor this year on October the 9th.

Last year they were able to raise 2,000 pounds, and this year they target 3,000 pounds! I encourage everyone from around the g…

DC's 3 Tag Team's that Transcend Generations

Who are the top three Tag Teams in my book? Well let me share with you what I consider to be 3 of the great tag teams of all time. My grading scale is simple, two performers that can go in the ring, compliment each other perfectly, have the right look, music, and personality factors to be able to be transplanted into any generation! If you can't make the transition to another generation then you are out! After all I will put any of my three up against any three teams you can think of, and in no case would them winning be considered an upset.

#1 Jerishow

 To me this was one of the best pairings of a tag team in the history. Jericho was able to come off as the sarcastic heel, while Big Show as the giant enforcer. It gave you the high flying spots and technical wrestling of Jericho, and it allowed for Show to be a giant, which is one of the things he does best. Big Show is also agile in the ring, and able to bump with anyone in the business. They would be a tough contest for any tag…

Badd Blood set to make History

What goes into being a Champion?

What makes a great Champion?

What makes someone worthy of being a champion?

Blood, its got to be in your blood, and in the case of today’s article, Badd Blood runs through our veins!
With all the talks of your Seth Rollins, and Jay Lethals; as they were/are currently dual Champions. With CM punks most recent historic WWE Championship run, and Nikki Bella's historic Diva's Championship run. Great accomplishments like this too often get over looked elsewhere, and in the places that matter the most. Today I bring you the story of one mans dream of being in the NWA, and the story of this man making history.
Take this shining example, NWA Pacific North West Champion Badd Blood has held the title for a total of 254 days as of the writing of this article on 9/21/15. The current record is held by The Grappler at 280 days, he is just a little over 25 days of destroying this record! Badd Blood has been a fighting Champion n…

A match to define a generation.

Changing the landscape of the Diva wrestling forever.


A match to define a generation.So as I sit in my chair, drinking morning coffee and waiting for the Extreme Rules event tonight. I fliped on the WWE Network for only $9.99! I catch up on the latest NXT, it starts out strong with Balor in a quick match. Finn Balor has star written all over him; but probably not much more than a great IC title holder one day, probably one of the greatest IC Champs of all time once he does. Maybe he is the one to carry the title with the prestige it deserves.

Kevin Owens cut a promo, pretty good. I think I will become a huge fan of this cat. The best part is, he can go in the ring! I would love to see him and Luke Harper tear down the house!

Then one of the most thought provoking thoughts came to mind as Charlotte Flairs music hit, she let out a WHOOOOO worthy of her father the Nature Boy himself. The crowd was sold, they have bought in to her in a big way. Then it hits me; it hits me…