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Jim Ross to return this Sunday at Wrestlemania!

Word is that this Sunday Jim Ross will be at Wrestlemania to call one match! Lets hope this is the case, as its being reported he will call the Universal Championship match between Goldberg and Lesnar!
THE SHOWCASE OF THE IMMORTALS, THE SHOW OF SHOWS, THE GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL WELCOME TO WRESTLEMANIA.  It is that time again, my favorite week of the year is in full swing as we inch ever so close to Sunday night. We have closed out the go home shows for Raw and Smackdown Liveso before we get to Wrestlemania we are going to breakdown each show and their match ups right here for you on PowerBomb Nation. Lets start with grading the go home shows and my thoughts on which brand will get the win and have a more outstanding Wrestlemania Moment(s). RAW – 3.8 STARS The entire 3 hours was packed with great story telling, exciting events leading into Wrestlemania. It was all wonderful until the last segment where we get a less than stellar interaction between Lesnar and Goldberg to close the show. SMACKDOWN LIVE – 5.0 STARS The 2 hour powerhouse has steam rolled with the most exciting build up to Wrestlemania of the two shows. The storylines and action has matched well. The ending segment wit…