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Former WWE Champion returning!

Announced on SmackDown Live! Shelton Benjamin will return to the blue brand soon!

Second drug test failed by Brock Lesnar?

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Breaking News:

It was announced today that the USADA has informed +UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship  that Lesnar failed the drug test that was taken on the day of UFC 200.

That is two tests failed for the same substance. The latest test on 7/9/2016 and the prior on 6/28/2016.

What are your thoughts?

It is still unclear on +BROCK LESNAR 's status within the +WWE

Powerbomb Nations WWE Mock Draft

So it is WWE draft time once again and I couldn't be more excited about tonight's Smackdown Live! So we are going to break down the first 35 or so picks for this year's draft. I feel this gives us a solid enough look to what the faces of the shows will look like and everything else is just plug & play filler! So 1st the rules.... Raw selects 1st Smackdown selects 2nd Raw gets 3 picks to SmackDown 2 Tag teams count as 1 pick unless GM only wants one member. 6 Picks can come from the NXT roster So let's get started shall we. 1)Raw: Seth Rollins 2)SmackDown: Dean Ambrose (This sets up the title match for the 1st battle of brand supremacy in the main event, winner becomes champion. And one brand draws first blood.) 3)Raw: Roman Reigns (Too much invested in him not to have the first 3 picks go the the Shield) 4)Smackdown: The Club (I'm taking advantage of the rule where tag teams are one pick. Aj, Gallows, Anderson hard not to take them #1 overall) 5)Raw: Brock Le…

WWE Title and brand supremacy up for grabs on SmackDown Live?

After a great match last night on Raw where both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose pinned each other in a controversial finish it has been announce that tonight on SmackDown Live we will get a rematch in the main event.Something tells me that each will be drafted to a different brand and with the title being effectively vacated the first main event on this new era of SmackDown will be a battle for dominance.Which brand will leave tonight with the WWE Championship in tow?Tune in tonight Live to find out!