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Surprise return & debut at Wrestlemania?

Rumors are running all around the wrestling community that at Wrestlemania a big name will return!
A long list of injuries keep several names at the top of the list. Front runner is of course John Cena, he's been very cryptic on social media even references the Undertaker on occasion.
Others are possibly Cesaro as he has been seen without a sling, Randy Orton, maybe a Kurt Angle? But I'm digging the Cena heel turn conspiracy and he looks like he may be ready to return in some fashion.
Another possibility is a debut. Only one name that comes to mind is Finn Balor. Balor could show up as a hired gun for Shane McMahon, the possibility of Finn Balor and the newly named Bullet Proof would be interesting, Shane has history in Japan so they could always play off a grand conspiracy and that Shane hand selected them to invade the WWE. ....Gallows & Anderson are rumored to be on their way stright to the main roster....posiible debut here?
Thoughts? Who do you think will surprise us…

WWE to re-brand the Diva's to the Women's division!

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That's right folks, the Diva's division will become the Women's division +Monday Night Raw following +WWE+Wrestlemania.

Rumors surfaced this afternoon that the change will be happening and a new belt has already been commissioned, this adds to my theory that he Diva's revolution was a success, and with the amount of talent on the roster between +WWE NXT & +WWE this should bring actual legit women's wrestling into the new generation.

Who knows, maybe going into Monday Night Raw we will all be talking about how the Triple threat match stole the show!

Until next time Nation
~Dwight Couch

PowerBomb Preview of NXT TakeOver Dallas

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PowerBomb Nation, the time is here! The best weekend of the year is here for wrestling fans; that's right +Wrestlemania weekend is here folks. What better way to enjoy all the festivities than on the +WWE Network with the +WWE giving new subscribers #FreeWrestlemania (free month). However for those waiting until the last moment may want to consider signing up now as the +WWE NXT has their Take Over Dallas event on Friday April 1st 2016, and you definitely do not want to miss a single moment of this one. So without further ado lets get right onto what looks to be a great card and give you a little PowerBomb Preview of this Friday's NXT show.

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

Attacking Aries from behind during his debut was a great way for Corbin to gain more exposure and continue to present that ruthless streak he is known for. It also shoots Austin Aries into a solid feud that puts him right in line for contendership of the NXT title.

I look for Corbin…

3 ways of Saving the Roman Empire

Good evening +WWE Universe, PowerBomb Nation is bringing you a little food for thought tonight and we are going to examine how to save the Roman Empire. At this point we all see that Roman Reigns is going to be boo'ed and cheered, primarily boo'ed as we see with the John Cena effect. I have a couple ideas that may just save the Roman Empire......

#3 - Turn Heel. This one seems so simple to me, follow the path of the Rock. The Roman Empire could have stood strong with HHH in control. Roman could have been a beast that went through and destroyed everyone, and he still can.

So lets play a little fantasy booking here Roman Reigns wins a battle with HHH at +wrestlemania. He celebrates in the middle of the ring with the belt held high and the confetti streams down a mixed chorus of cheers and boos echo through the arena. Lets say the Rock hops in the ring to celebrate with Roman, the last time the arena actually boo'ed the Rock. What if after a moment of celebration Roman drops t…

PowerBomb Nation Press release 2016!

PowerBomb Nation
Dwight Couch 
PowerBomb Nation Announces the Launch of the new Live NOW 
+Frankfort Kentucky+PowerBomb Nation is excited to announce the launch the new, we will continue the podcast format and renew the focus upon the written format becoming blog and media outlet that will bring you interesting points of view & conversations from around the world and the latest news from around the world of  Pro Wrestling ( +WWE+TNA IMPACT WRESTLING+Ring Of Honor Wrestling+CHIKARA PRO+House Of Glory Pro Wrestling+Limitless Wrestling+Excellence Professional Wrestling and many more I hope I did not leave anyone out.) ,  Sports ( +NBA , +NFL , +NCAA , +MMA , +MLB , +PGA TOUR , +FIFA WORLD CUP Paranormal ( +UFO Sightings+Paranormal +Bigfoot The Sasquatch+GhostAdventures+Ghostbusters+Paranormal Junkie+Conspiracy Watch )  Video Games ( +Nintendo+PlayStation+XBOX One+Bethesda Softworks+2KSports ) and so much more. The official launch date for PowerBomb …