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PowerBomb Nation, the time is here! The best weekend of the year is here for wrestling fans; that's right +Wrestlemania weekend is here folks. What better way to enjoy all the festivities than on the +WWE Network with the +WWE giving new subscribers #FreeWrestlemania (free month). However for those waiting until the last moment may want to consider signing up now as the +WWE NXT has their Take Over Dallas event on Friday April 1st 2016, and you definitely do not want to miss a single moment of this one. So without further ado lets get right onto what looks to be a great card and give you a little PowerBomb Preview of this Friday's NXT show.

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

Attacking Aries from behind during his debut was a great way for Corbin to gain more exposure and continue to present that ruthless streak he is known for. It also shoots Austin Aries into a solid feud that puts him right in line for contendership of the NXT title.

I look for Corbin to walk out of this battle with the win. I think it will be more beneficial for Corbin at this point in their careers, the WWE is priming Corbin for big things. I would imagine this is a primer feud for a run with the NXT championship at sometime this year.

Aries, well it would be nice to see him win this match but given the circumstances and timing I think he will take the loss and continue this feud for a bit longer. Don't worry guys I think you will see Aries win plenty in NXT, just won't be against Corbin.

Winner: Baron Corbin via Pin

The Revival vs American Alpha
For the +WWE NXT Tag Team Championship

Let me start by saying, i'm ready willing and Gable to get behind American Alpha I am very biased in this pick, teams like this do not come around very often. Looking over the card this should be the most technical match of the evening, solid and old school just the way I like my wrestling matches!

I look for the Revival and American Alpha to continue this feud into the summer, maybe with a couple other teams involved.

Look for the Revival to continue their winning ways

Winner: The Revival ... and Still NXT Tag Team Champions

Apollo Crews vs Elias Sampson

I really enjoy watching Apollo. He may be my favorite NXT superstar right now, and I think he will make a tremendous splash when he finally gets called up to the main roster. However on Friday he goes toe to toe with the Drifter named Elias Sampson. I look for Apollo to dominate most of the match, his move set should prove to over whelm Sampson. However, look for some underhanded tactics to be used allowing Sampson to score a huge upset win.

Winner: Elias Sampson

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura

This is my pick for match of the night! This will be an instant classic so do not miss it!

Nakamura making his debut spells bad news for Zayn fans. Nakamura looks to make a huge impact upon his debut, and no better way than to defeat a man who will be competing on Sunday night for the +Intercontinental Championship. Sami will have his spots Friday, but his day is Sunday in the ladder match.

This is probably a one off match and Nakamura will get his first real fued going into the summer, maybe even +Chris Jericho because that would be #Amazing

Look for Nakamura to impress with a entertaining entrance and continue to amaze until he is gone back stage! I have seen this man in +NEW JAPAN and he is awesome. Look for a ton of high risk and innovative moves from these two!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pin

Bayley vs Asuka
For the NXT Women's Championship

Another match that has classic written all over it! Bayley has proved herself with this current title run and has exceeded everyone's expectations and she has proved she belongs on the short list of the who's who in women's wrestling.

Asuka is a world renowned and brings with her years of experience and a unique style that to say the least is very interesting. This match could very well steal the show, and I look for Asuka to take over the NXT women's championship and division Friday night!

Winner: Asuka via pin and New NXT Women's Champion

So now ladies and gentleman to the main event in Dallas Texas!

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor
for the NXT Heavyweight championship

These two can go, that's all that needs to be said. This will be an absolute battle and I have no idea how this match will end..... so lets look at a couple possibilities.

Clean match with a defined winner is always a possability.

Maybe we see the debut of BulletProof and they aide Balor over Joe and set up a dominating force in NXT, or will Joe win and we get a Bullet Proof debut on the show of shows Sunday costing the Undertaker his match? Or maybe they all stay in NXT for the summer and tear down the house again for a rubber match around SummerSlam?

Who ever looses this match will probably be pulled to the main roster soon, possibly Sunday or Monday night even!

My pick..........

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall and New NXT Champion

So what do you think? This looks to be a great event and possibly even better than Wrestlemania itself! What a statement right?

Well no matter what make sure you are watching this Friday to see how it all shakes out! Follow PowerBomb Nation on +Twitter and +Facebook as I like to interact live during the shows!


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Until Next Time Nation
~ Dwight Couch


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