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Possible Money in the Bank Spoiler? and Summer fantasy booking!

Hello PowerBomb Nation!

With the recent development of the brand split of Raw and Smackdown , and with Smackdown going to a live format on July 19th and the BattleGround event being the 24th coming from it has me thinking of how the title situation will play out.

Lets break down a couple things with some championship fantasy booking shall we?

Intercontinental Championship will remain on Raw.

United States Championship will go to Smackdown.

That leaves us with a few titles that will have some questions surrounding them, the Tag Team Championship, the Women's Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship.

BattleGround will have huge implications for some championships namely the Tag Team & Women's.

The Women's  & Tag Team Championship can be resolved fairly simply, Battle Ground can be just that crowning of the champions in a match or series of matches leading up to the eventual crowning of said SuperStar's for said Championships! I am hoping for a tourn…