Wildcat Championship Wrestling Review

PowerBomb Nation Live on Location: WCCW

Welcome back to the PowerBomb Nation folks! Your friend "DC" Dwight Couch has a special treat for you this Holiday Season! PowerBomb Nation was live on location in Lawrenceburg Kentucky and I have the pleasure of bringing you the honest and open review of Wildcat Championship Wrestling!

Lets start with the address:
101 Hilltop
Lawrenceburg, KY

                                                   WCCW - Wildcat Championship Wrestling

So as many of you know I am always preaching that you can find great wrestling right out your back door, ya just have to know where to look for it!

This is for real, 4 to 5 miles from my front door!

We pulled into the parking lot and made our way into the Wildcat Arena, we walk into a small hallway that housed a nice lady whom was collecting money for the tickets. We payed what was owed and we were handed our stubs. We then enter the main arena, small and quaint it makes for the classic Indy wrestling scene, the ring was roped off and seating was very comfortable. We set 2 rows back from the ring itself directly behind one ring post.

As we waited for the 7:30 bell time we were entertained by the ring announcer, he had a great vocal presence when addressing the passionate crowd. There were some small technical difficulties through the show as we were in a tornado watch that evening and bad storms were rolling in. Only in Kentucky can you get a tornado warning and three hours later a winter weather warning, and also people brave enough to endure the downpour of rain to watch live Indy Wrestling!

We met some very friendly people whom loved to talk about wrestling and food, the PowerBomb Nation consisted of Me, my wife Wendy, my step son Paul, the neighbor boy & friend Josh and of course attending her very first wrestling match our newly arrived daughter Ava. She was very well behaved as she will watch wrestling non stop on the TV already and she is only 6 months old. She was glued to the ring watching the performances.

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However, lets get on the the matches! Ring the bell already! 

So we get the night started the right way, we all stand for the National Anthem and salute the Stars and Bars!

They were having some technical problems with their PA system.

So then the lights go down and we are ready for some actual in ring action.

Match #1
Johnny Suede vs Dakota Daniels

It was fairly clear from the start that Suede was in control of the crowd. My favorite moment during this match was the comedy Suede and Dakota had going back and forth with each other and the Ref "James". After an entertaining back and forth the match falls to outside interference when DD & Cross come out to attack Suede, this then brings out the other half of Bad Company the Super Assassin hits the ring with his baseball bat and evens the odds.

This then sets up......

Match #2
Bad Company vs DD & Cross

This was the first match in the Tag Team tournament to determine who will get a Tag Team Title shot in 2017.

Suede pulling a major load on the show, that can be said for both him and Assassin, they were a major driving force of tonight's show! We see Bad Company advance via pinfall.

The real Highlight of this encounter had to be the little Heel Double D. He is an arrogant and vain little little man, but hey that is what makes the best heel's right? He had really good interaction with the fans even telling one young man in attendance that the kid was adopted! 

Double D in typical heel fashion leaves Cross to get the wrong end of Bad Company. The Widow Maker then address the crowd saying for his actions Double D will have a main event match against the monster Nate Steele tonight!

Match 3:
Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the Heavyweight Championship

Double D, StoneHand Slade, Glove, Dakota Daniels, Cross, Johnny Suede, and Assassin are all in the ring when the convince the ref that this should not be an over the top Battle Royal, but an elimination by pinfall!

This was a fun match with a very odd series of events that ended the Battle Royal, it appeared that Bad Company was going to walk out and hand the match to Dakota Daniels, then they got back in the ring were Johnny Suede pins Super Assassin, then Suede debates leaving comes back in the ring gets hit with a DDT from the Widow Maker (friend & former member of Bad Company) allowing Dakota Daniels to pick up the win and become the new #1 Contender for the Big Doss man's Championship. 

The Big Doss Man & Creepa were at ring side and after the Royal Doss & Suede exchanged words setting up some tension that carries deeper within the show.

Match #4

The Dead Rabbits vs Mass Destruction

The 2nd match in the Tag Team Tournament

The "Dead Rabbits" StoneHand Slade & Glove make their way down to the ring.

and the pre match gets under way, I want you to take note of the whistle sounds.

Now the actual start of the match

The Doss Man & Creepa were fairly dominate in this contest, and StoneHand Slade does a great job selling the beat down! The Doss Man was really popular and he is a mountain of a man! The Creepa was good in the ring, but I expected him to break his wrist when he punched someone, pencil thin, but had the most interesting look out of all the wrestlers.

Mass Destruction takes the win in this match.

Notice the constant whistle being blown? This person came right next ((literally right next to her within 4 foot)) to my 6 month old daughter and blew that repeatedly, we had to cover her ears. Wound up moving her to the back of the arena just until the end of the match as I was there to show support to PowerBomb Nation Alumni StoneHand Slade but it was too much so we left after this match and I did not get to see the Main Event. Our Daughter did not make one sound during the event, my Daughter watch and enjoyed the whole show.  

Match 5: The Main Event

Double D vs Nate Steele


So my over all thoughts are very positive, Wildcat Championship Wrestling is the iconic Indy Wrestling that sits out your back door in your town! The performers were wonderful about interacting with the fans, they do the typical 50/50 raffle and even had homemade Dumplings that were to die for!

My favorite performers: Bad Company

Best in ring worker: StoneHand Slade sold better than anyone else I watched that night.

Most annoying is a tie: Double D & The damn Whistle

Winner of the night: the Fans because of  The Homemade Chicken Dumplings they are awesome!

Match of the night: Battle Royal

I enjoyed the WCCW show, it was well worth the money.

So get out there and make sure you check out the local events in your area and 



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