Kentucky Elite Pro Wrestling

Of course here on PowerBomb Nation we like to bring the spotlight to some of the best up and coming promotions from around the United States, in the past we have featured such places as Limitless Wrestling, Monster Factory the Lincoln Fight Factory to name a few.

Today I want to talk about my hometown; Frankfort Kentucky. That's right the home of PowerBomb Nation. I grew up in this city, it is one of the smallest capitols in the United States holding up the 4th smallest capitol city and roughly a population of 25,527.

I love this city, I am happy to raise my children here, and I really enjoy living in the country where you can still enjoy listening to the rain on the tin roof of our back porch. Life is slower here in Frankfort, but we are not without our faults, the past few years has sent this great city into a downward spiral and at times with the heroin and drug epidemic, the tragic shape of our economy and the unfortunate feeling that our politicians lack any sense of what is going on in this state; nor do they give a rats ass about the people.

So it brings joy to my heart to report about some people in Frankfort that are bringing smiles to peoples faces and warmth to peoples heart and giving back to this great community. It is my hope that this will spread across our city and bring great things to Frankfort. I am of course speaking of Bobby Doss and Kentucky Elite Pro Wrestling.

Several nights ago as I sit in my recliner holding my precious one year old daughter, whom by the way is a massive wrestling fan already as she loves AJ Styles and is very fond of the New Day as well. So I am scrolling through the wonderful cable we get with the Frankfort Plant Board (Yes, there is much sarcasm here as our cable company / internet provider has a lot to be desired) and I get to the cable 10 or the community television for Frankfort. I noticed that KEPW was on, i turned to it and began to watch, however a couple matches in, so I recorded the next showing so I could get the full experience of the show. However as I watch some things start to stand out to me and I was very pleased visually with the stage set, especially something out of Frankfort now days really did take me back, so i sat back with my daughter and smiled.

The setting is at the American Legion on Versailles Road in Frankfort, KEPW runs a show every other Sunday night there! The walls are a bright white, a black curtain system sits to the right of the screen with a flashing light perched above it for some effects. The PA system not visible I imagined set behind the curtain leading to the "locker room". The hard camera sits in one spot and the ring sits squarely in the center with a stage sitting directly behind holds a table draped in a blue KEPW skirt. There is seating and what appeared to be microphones with about four or five seats. Two belts graced the table, one the new (I think) United States Championship and the KEPW Heavyweight Championship. A large American Flag covered half the stage and was used much like a curtain to hide the stage if the American Legion needed to I assume. Beautiful setting is my point. The crowd was packed in and they were very rowdy; lots of families with children filled the chairs which is how it should be at local wrestling shows in my professional opinion.

So the show begins, their ring announcer is wearing a cowboy hat and a suit, very nice touch the guy has a good voice and does a good job through out the night as the only real voice you can understand to try and keep you filled in on the who's what's where's. We get introductions of the C.E.O Dossman and the GM Scott Diamond, that's the roles as best as I could make out anyways. They welcome the Frankfort crowd Scott Diamond takes the mic and encourage them to get real rowdy and there will be alot of fun and beat down entertainment in the arena tonight. He then introduces his new body guard Big Stacey may have been the dudes name, but however the man is a monster with a bald head fierce beard and is absolutely the most intimidating figure on my TV for the show the entire night.

Dossman grabs a mic and stops Diamond saying he would not need a body guard if he would run a clean show as per the deal when Diamond was hired; just like he asked!

At this time Iron man Cody Matthews comes out cuts a little promo on Wildman Fiji and how his manager / vallet needs to keep herself out of the match, so he has been able to get her handcuffed to Diamond tonight so she can not interfere since he wants to run a clean show, he then announces the reason he has this bull rope tonight is because him and Wildman Fiji will compete in a bull rope match! The crowd fires up and screams!

Match 1: Matty B vs Sean Bane

Matty B comes out to "All I do is Win" wearing a pokemon themed Matty B shirt which on the back said "Gotta Kick Em All". I loved this shirt, I would buy and wear this matter of fact if Matty B wants to give me one I will proudly put him over each time I wear it! He is wearing blue camo style singlet and has a big red beard.

"Back in Black hits the PA system and out comes Sean Bane in an outfit that reminds me of Hurricane Helms without the mask and hair.

The match stars and the two square off, Sean Bane gets the upper hand early and often, however a series of rope breaks and Matty B jumping out of the ring working the crowd, this was a brilliant match. As Matty runs around the side of the hard cam Sean meets him with a cross body dive off the top turnbuckle, the crowd flips out. The match makes its way back into the ring where Sean continues to keep the upper hand. Matty finds himself in the lower corner turnbuckle and Bane running off the ropes hits him with a sweet running corner clothsline. Matty eventually slides to the middle of the ropes and waits for Bane to mistep, as soon as he does he finds his neck on the 2nd rope. Matty B from one side to the other and back again with a leg dropped chocking Bane out on the ropes. With Matty B on offense he goes for a pin, 1 ... 2 .... kick out at 2. Matty B places Bane in an arm hold as the crowd starts to chant for Sean Bane. Matty releases the arm and goes on offense leading to another with pin attempt that makes it to 2.5. Sean Bane starts to hulk up with the support of the crowd as Matty B complains to the ref, he nails Matty B with a series of punches worthy of the late Dusty Rhodes. Bane has Matty B on his heals reeling after those punches, he backs up to the corner and with a full head of steam he drops Matty with a running knee. 1 .... 2.... 3....... Its over Sean Bane defeats Matty B in an excellent match up!

After the match Sean Bane is attacked after the match by a good size heafty team that seem to be named Controlled Chaos (from what I gather). They laid a good old fashion beat down, like that a government mule would see. Once they left the ring Bane claimed he was going to get his cell phone and make a call and Controlled Chaos will see what happens when the Sons of Chaos get together! Which I assume he is getting his tag team partner involved.

Match 2: Lumber Jack vs J-Ice

So I have thought that the Lumber Jack song would make a great theme for someone, especially named Lumbar Jack. So low and behold here comes the Lumber Jack to the ring red flannel, beard and all with the chain saw booming over the PA system.

Out comes J-Ice, makes his way around the ring and inside where he wastes no time demolishing the Lumber Jack with a spine buster and a spear. J-Ice focuses on the Heavyweight Championship belt and one man, the Big Dossman! The two yell and scream as the officials keeps them apart. Dossman finally gets away and fights back. After the scuffle ends Scott Diamond announces tonight's Main Event will be Dossman vs J-Ice in a Lumber Jack match!

Match 3: Johnny "Dark" Suede vs Jimmy "The Snake" Roberts

SO let me start by saying I have seen Suede wrestle before, and I am a fan! I have never seen him as Dark Suede though. This was interesting he came out all in black with a black towel over his head and grey/black face paint on. He was flanked by a rotund manager with a baseball bat; I assume named Gacy as it was written on his pants. He drew plenty of heat as he took the mic from the ring announcer and ran his mouth a bit.

Obvious Suede has a past with Scott Diamond as they jaw at each other for a few moment before the music hits and the announcer introduces.......

From Stone Mountain Georgia, Jimmy "The Snake" Roberts!

Yes, he came came out with a bag that of which would make Jake proud!

Suede plays the crowd wonderfully, slapping the refs cheeks and working the crowd. Jimmy teases the snake which makes Suede jump out of the ring each time he does. Back and forth match that finally ends when Suede and his manager find them selves on the wrong side of DDT's from Diamond and Roberts. Roberts covers Suede for the win. After the match Suede runs his mouth at Diamond for getting involved. Diamond slams Suede and hits him with a barrage of fists which lead into Diamond slapping on the figure 4. Jimmy "The Snake" grabs the snake bag and throws fake snakes to the crowd before dumping the large python onto Suede while he was helpless on the mat! (This Python was huge! Also appeared to be purple black and made of cotton and won at the Bluegrass fair a few weeks ago.) The crowd really enjoyed this match and was cool with the whole homage to Jake Roberts deal!

Match 4: Stan Sierra vs Brandon Keith

Stan Sierra and Scott Diamond talk, Diamond tells Stan that he has to keep it clean and he is asking him to do this for him. The crowd seems wise to the fact that these two are not going to keep it clean as they booed and laughed each time they opened their mouth.

Out comes Brandon Keith, what a monster of a man this dude is! He moves around real well too kinda reminds me of the One Man Gang / Akeem in size and speed. This is a BIG BATTLE as these two monsters lock horns and fight. The ref gets knocked out early and out comes the Dossman who takes out Sierra for a moment and then hits Brandon Keith allowing for Stan Sierra to get the win. Brandon Keith gets up and Dossman tries to tell him that Diamond used the knuckles to take him out, Diamond of course says it was Dossman. Brandon gets heated and one punch sends Dossman to the corner and Brandon Keith walks out.

Match 5: Wildman Fiji vs Iron Man Cody Matthews

Wildman Fiji comes to the ring with his valet, next out comes the Iron Man Cody Matthews. A real crowd favorite he runs around the ring slapping hands with all the kids! The two square up in the ring, out comes Scott Diamond whom is gets handcuffed to Fiji's valet. Fiji and Iron Man get their hands in the bull rope. The match is a hard hitter going back and forth, several attempts by each to touch the four corners and win, to no avail on either side. Somehow Fiji's valet gets free ruckus ensues and next thing you know Fiji has his hands free and begins to beat the sh*t out of the Iron Man! The match ends in a no contest to my knowledge but the real action is still in the ring. Slamming Cody into the steel post and wrapping the bull rope around his neck he literately throws him over the ropes and begins to hang him outside of the ring. As Cody is hanging there Wildman Fiji lives up to his name and demolishes Cody in a savage and brutal beating. This came across great on TV as the whole bull rope was right in front of the hard camera!

Match 6: The Big Dossman vs J-Ice in a Lumber Jack match.

J-Ice comes out and makes his way into the ring, then out comes the Big Dossman working the crowd as he circles the ring.

The match starts with some heavy clubbing as you would expect out of these two large and in charge dudes! Now I knew what to expect out of Dossman as I have seen him work before, all I knew of J-Ice is what I have seen earlier in the night. These two trade heavy blows and the match goes back and fourth not favoring one over the other. Each time they find their way out of the ring the Lumber Jacks make sure they find their way right back in!

One of the greatest spots of the night comes in this match, the lumber jacks are bundled up in one spot on the outside again and J-Ice finds his way to the top where he is punched by Dossman which launches him with a giant cross body into the slew of Lumber Jacks! This heavy hitting match continues and finally it is just too much to handle. The match ends with all the superstars brawling and Dossman and J-Ice being held back from each other. Other wrestlers battle each other on the outside as some are in the ring keeping these two from ripping each others heads off. They finally cool off enough when Brandon Keith gets in the ring and it gives Scott Diamond enough time to announce that in two weeks it will be Dossman vs J-Ice in a steel cage right here in the American Legion of Frankfort, KY!

With that the show goes off the air!

So here are a few of my thoughts from Kentucky Elite Pro Wrestling, it was a good show, it came across on camera very well and had a very nice production value to it. Of course they are a young promotion so lighting and such I am sure will develop more over time. The wrestlers were all pretty good, some obviously more polished than the others, but all gave their hearts to the fans and with they way the fans seemed to get into the show who could not leave it all out there.

My only suggestions to them would be commentary and the security!

Lets start with the placement of the guy in the white shirt, I understand he is there to protect the crowd and such but he was right in front of the camera all the time, and he is a big guy so it was a bit destracting from the action in the ring.

I found that just watching for the action was great, but there seemed to be lots of history between some of these guys and new viewers would be lost! So I think they should consider at least having a broadcast team dub over the show before it airs but may be best to have them calling the action live as their may be some in the arena who are interested in story as well, but your TV viewer is definitely wanting to know the story, I know I wanted to know! I think this could really help get them to the next level!

Match of the night: Big Dossman vs J-Ice.

There was lots of tension in this match and very hard hitting. This match just edged out Matty B and Sean Bane and Fiji vs Iron Man which were both excellent showings by all men and women involved!

Worker of the night: Matty B

This man knew how to get the night started right by working the crowd and keeping them engaged. He was great in ring and sold every move with great facial expressions which is something I do not think enough guys and gals in the business understand. If i was to guess Matty B has watched some William Regal matches and took notes. (By the way, I still want that shirt!)

Over all it was time well spent watching, if you can catch them every other Sunday in Frankfort.

 American Legion
164 Versailles Rd
Frankfort, KY 40601

Watching this show gave me something that I can get behind in Frankfort. It looks to be a bright light shinning in a city that desperately needs something to believe in!

I stand and applaud Bobby Doss for making this happen and I hope that I will be there to watch it grow and that it becomes something Frankfort is known for.

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